“My little cat Cindy is 15 years old and has been poorly for last 8/9 weeks and I have been back and forward to the vets with not much success we have had diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, urine infection, kidney disease and maybe neurological so as you can imagine it’s been very stressful on her and us not really knowing what is going on. This is why I have turned to Corvine for her help and I have not been disappointed Corvine has been amazing through out this whole time.

Corvine started giving Cindy distance healings about 6 weeks ago and within an hour Cindy was starting to behave more like herself. Cindy has went from a cat that was up all night scratching doors, being very loud and vocal and running about the house crazy all night and eating her body weight in food to a different cat she has totaly stopped scratching doors and running about mad she is now eating normal and has stopped losing weight which is a huge relief the difference is amazing. I can not tell you how grateful I am to Corvine for all her help and healings. I know for sure without Corvines help my little cat would not be as content as she is. We still haven’t got to the bottom of what’s going on but to know that I have Corvine there helping keep Cindy as comfortable as possible is a total blessing. The energetic work Corvine does has been a God send for our little Cindy and if you are drawn to Corvine for her healing work do not hesitate this lady has a wonderful healing gift and I will be eternally grateful for all her help. Thank you Corvine.” – Mel, Scotland


Myles the cat went missing, I cast some Magic to help him be reunited with his owner.

“Thank you, it’s worked.  He has just been handed into a vets.  Thank you so much.” – Lyndsey, U.K.

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