Lost Pets

As an animal lover and pet owner I know how important our animals are to us.  They are much more than pets, they are an integral part of our family and being.  I feel my animals are part of me.  We have such a strong bond and they help me with my own energy work.  I know the anxiety and devastation it can cause when pets go missing.

My neighbour moved recently and their cat, Myles, went awol in the lead up to the actual move.  The day for moving arrived and still no sign of Myles.  Normally he could be seen roaming around the estate but there were no sightings of him, not even at the houses he normally “visited”.  The day after the move I offered my help.  With the help of my guides I connected to Myles’s energies, then crafted and cast a “Home Calling” spell first thing in the morning.  I got a text at lunch time from his owner to say Myles had been found.  He had been handed into a vets.

This is what Myles’s owner said –

“Thank you, it’s worked.  He has just been handed into a vets.  Thank you so much.  Lyndsey U.K.”

If you would like my help please email me, Corvine, the details of the pet in question along with a photo of them to [email protected] or use my contact form 

For payments please send via my send a payment page.  I charge £35 per hour.

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