Free spells

When casting any Magic or carrying out any Rituals it’s important for your intentions to be pure, to come from the heart, to harm no one and believe.

Never interfere with someone’s free will.

All my Magic here is for your free personal use.  Should you feel the need to publish or copy it please cite “Crafted by Corvine,”


This is for breaking the cords of control.

Coyote & Wolf Spirit

“Coyote & Wolf Spirit,
Connect with me,
Let us join forces,
More Powerful we be.

Our Soul Spirits together
I be one of 3,
All as one, the Holy Trinity.

Together we bond,
We grow together,
Powerful & Strong.

We 3,
In our unity,
Make our stand,
To be wild & free.

The cords of Control
No longer withstand,
Free at last,
Of all that’s past.

Free to do as we please,
For now & the whole of Eternity.

Bless you Coyote,
Bless you Wolf,
Stay with me.

Oh Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine


Truth Magic

“Truth powder please,
With your key,
Unlock the Truth & reveal to me”

Crafted by Corvine & Inspired by Truth Powder from faeriewish


This can be used all year round to bring you Peace & Tranquility.

Winter Maiden Magic

“Winter Maiden,
Cast your White Snow Magic please,
Down & around all those who call upon thee,
Bring to their being “Peace & Tranquility”,
Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine & Inspired by my Winter Maiden Spirit Doll created by faeriewish.


This is to help remove energies that are not yours.

Sycamore Wand

“Sycamore wand,
With your precise energies,
Pinpoint all that is not mine in & around me.

Let the Light stream,
From your laser like beam,
From my head to the ground,
Flexing, twisting, in & around.

Banishing all that is not me,
Peace & calm that’s who I be,
Restoring my health, wealth & energy.

Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine & Inspired by my Sycamore wand created by SteelStickNStone


Moon & Willow – A Heart Healing

“Moon & Willow please combine,
Look into this heart of mine,
Is there something that makes you sad?
Is there an energy that makes you feel bad?

Moon & Willow let these energies flow,
No longer stagnating I let them go,
I acknowledge these emotions of a kind,
No longer stuck & in a bind.

Now I look into this heart of mine,
No longer afraid of what I might find,
My energies running pure & strong,
A lifetime to wait is too long.”

Crafted by Corvine & Inspired by my Moon & Willow pendulum created by WytchenWood.


This is to help change / reframe your reality.

Crow Medicine

“Crow Medicine please,
To the Void take me,
Silent & still I do lay,
Healing as you “caw” away.

Changing my reality before it’s formed,
All before & since I be born,
To step back into this life,
Without the fear & the strife.

Fully healed & renewed,
With Swan Medicine I am imbued,
I live my life with Ease & Grace,
Flowing along at my pace.

This is my life, this is for me,
No longer influenced by others I be,
Strong & proud for all to see,
This is me.

Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine


I’ve been working a lot with Blackthorn lately.  It’s very powerful but also very protective. It was a Blackthorn thicket that featured in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? I love fairy tales, so full of Magic.

I wanted to share this protective Magic with you all.  With Christmas just around the corner you may find it useful to use to keep your boundaries strong and keep away all those unwanted energies.

It was inspired by an item I saw in the shop “Wytchen Wood” on Etsy.  It’s a wonderful shop and I have bought many of my magical items from there.

Blackthorn Goblins

“Blackthorn Goblins please,
Protect me & my family,
Surround us with thy Blackthorn Spines,
A haloed gift from the Divine,

Blackthorn thicket strong & dense,
Keeping out all with evil intent,
Only that of good and pure,
Will be let through, no danger to endure.”

Crafted by Corvine & Inspired by the “Winter Queen Blackthorn Goblins Cross” created by WytchenWood


Fox Spirit

If you feel you are receiving the “Evil Eye” from someone or it may be from multiple people then this could be for you.

Sit with a blank piece of paper and mentally list, on the paper, the names of the people concerned. This is your “others” list.  You have energetically placed the names on the paper.  Place the paper somewhere where it won’t be disturbed with a Fox talisman on it. This can be a picture of a fox, a figure, drawing or even just the word “Fox”, then cast this Magic.  Leave it undisturbed for as long as you feel is right.

The reason the names aren’t written on the paper is because Fox Medicine is all about being invisible.

“Fox Spirit please,
With your stealth & invisibility,
Observe my list of “others”,
Your energy undetected,
Alert me to any dangers,
Protect me & my family.

Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine



If you need to to “bear witness to a situation”.

“Wolf Totem please,
Infuse my Soul with your energy,
Increase my discerning abilities,
Golden Wolf Spirit I invoke thee.

I sit and watch silently,
The truth of the situation,
It unfolds in front of me.

I bear witness to the events,
No emotions I do vent,
What is present in the scent?

Good or evil do I smell,
Is this Heaven or descent into hell?
Golden Wolf Spirit please,
Help me see, how all can be well with ease.

Golden Wolf Spirit,
I thank you for your discernment & energy,
For looking out silently over me,
Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine


Blessing of the Athame

“Wisdom of the Athame’
Together we are again,
Reunited to work our Magic amain. ”

Crafted by Corvine


Coyote Violet Spirit

For the Soul

“Coyote Violet Spirit please,
With your Spirit & Energy,
Surround the Soul of me,
Transmute all negativity.”

Crafted by Corvine


Water Blessing

Fill a glass with Water and place your dominant hand, palm down, above the glass. Say this Water Blessing in your head or out loud, repeating 3 times. Drink and enjoy!

You can also do this for your pets’ drinking water.

With your cleansing feminine energy,
Flow through me.

Gently remove all negativity,
My energies run pure & free,
Let this be thine gift to me.

Oh Water Blessed be.”

Crafted by Corvine


Inner Truth & Authenticity

“Iris Flowers please,
Enchant me with your Magic & Beauty,
Guide me to my Inner Truth,
Let me see,
What a fool I be,
To deny my Authenticity,
Blessed Be.”

Crafted by Corvine


Black Silk Cloth
If you want  “space” from someone, if you are finding them overpowering in some way (energetically, emotionally etc), use a black silk cloth to cloak yourself and your energies.

Write your name on a piece of paper and place it in the centre of the black silk cloth, fold over from the 4 corners, enveloping your name and leave it somewhere where it won’t be disturbed for as long as you feel necessary.

Crafted by Corvine


Pink Silk Cloth
To surround yourself in Love and / or protect yourself with Love use a pink silk cloth to cloak yourself and your energies.

Write your name on a piece of paper and place it in the centre of the pink silk cloth, fold over from the 4 corners, enveloping your name and leave it somewhere where it won’t be disturbed for as long as you feel necessary.

Crafted by Corvine

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