Animal Passing

When our animals are ready to pass over or have recently passed their Souls may want help in making the transition from this earthly plane to Spirit. From personal experience and that of other pet owners, it not only helps the animal but the owners too. It helps you process the grief and brings comfort knowing your beloved pet has passed and is feeling a sense of peace.

This is how I helped Guinness the dog.

This is in memory of Guinness, she passed on Saturday 07th October 2017.

Even though Guinness had already passed a few days before I felt her Soul was in need of some help. I could feel a lot if ungrounded energy which related to her owners so I sent them grounding. Losing our pets is traumatic, keeping ourselves grounded at times like this can be difficult but it helps us process the emotions and energies we experience as we come to terms with our loss.

I then felt Guinness’s energies around me, fluttering and flickering. I sent Guinness’s Soul healing, the fluttering and flickering gradually ceased. The kindest thing we can do for our pets is to let them go peacefully on their way. We have cords of connection with our pets which need to be gently released, both owners and pets receive healing from me after this release. I done this for Guinness and her owners. I could feel Guinness’s head and chin come up, feeling again like the proud dog she was.

I then felt her shake off her earthly energies which was then replaced with a huge sense of Peace. Guinness had peacefully transitioned from Earth to Spirit.

Although it is sad and emotional it is a very beautiful, peaceful and loving experience to help animal Souls transition from Earth to Spirit. I am hugely privileged.

If you have a pet that you feel would benefit from my help or any wildlife as they need help too, then please contact me, Corvine at [email protected] or via my contact form.

For payments please send via my send a payment page.  I charge £35 per hour, animals in the wild I help for free.

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