Animal Healing

Animals are very spiritually aware and accepting of Energy Healing and much more open and honest about their feelings and needs than us humans.  This honesty is so refreshing and such a joy to work with.

When I carry out a healing for an animal I work with the animal, we work together and communicate throughout the whole process.  It’s important to respect their wishes and boundaries, they know what they want and need.  I’m just a facilitator for the healing energy from Source.  It is important for me to keep my energies clear and in balance so I can offer a calm and respectful healing, animals are acutely aware of energies.

Our pets are like sponges and soak up the energies of their environment and families.  It is quite true if we heal ourselves and our environment we can also help and heal our pets.  I have had cases where it’s the owner that’s needed to do something for themselves and that has healed their pet.

All animals are individuals and unique, therefore my healings are also unique and tailored to the individual animal.  I like to get to the source, its important to know is it really the animal’s own issue or might it be coming from elsewhere.  Sometimes the source can be hidden beneath various layers and each layer has to be carefully peeled away with each healing.  It’s important to listen to the animal and not do too much or go in too deep.

I carry out all healing remotely, I don’t need to have the animal actually in my presence.  I’m very sensitive and I tune in to the animals energies.  I have a dedicated “Healing Room” that is kept solely for the purpose of healing and it has beautiful calming energies.

Why would you request healing / energy work for your pet?

  • Stress – moving house, holidays, new additions to the family, anything that disrupts their routine and causes them stress or anxiety.
  • Trips to the vet – a lot of animals can get quite stressed going in the car and visiting the vets.  Energy work can help them cope.
  • It can work alongside or compliment veterinary treatment.
  • Behavioural problems – it can be they are trying to tell you something or are unhappy about something.

Please note: I am not a vet and I do not diagnose. 

Energy work / healing can help with all sorts of situations and ailments.  Stress can develop into physical symptoms and prevention is better than cure.  Whatever the reason, if you would like to discuss your pet’s needs or book a healing please contact me via my contact page or email me, Corvine at [email protected]  with a picture of your pet and the details of their situation. I will be happy to hear from you. For animals in the wild, if you can send me as much detail as possible.

For payments please send via my send a payment page.  I charge £35 per hour, animals in the wild I help for free.


Animals so pure and true,
Healing the likes of me and you.
Their love reaches deep within,
To the recesses we’ve never been.

Shining their Light for us to see,
Giving us messages, their healing energy.
Showing us the way, the way to Be,
These are our saviours, you and me.

Show them respect, protect their home,
If not they will be gone.
A lonely, dark world it would be,
Devastating for Humanity.

Dedicated to “The Vixen” & her home.


Believing in the Unknown

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