About me

Who I Am

Hi, I am Corvine, an animal healer and communicator, an advocate for self healing and empowerment. I love all animals but have a special connection with corvids (magpies, crows, ravens) which have inspired me and my website.

I am guardian to two cats, Betty and Orby, who tirelessly help me with my own energy work.  I in turn help them and we have a beautiful relationship built on mutual trust, respect and of course love.  Animals are pure and true and can teach us all so much.  They communicate with us constantly, all we need to do is slow down, observe and listen.

I believe alternative therapies such as my energy work works well alongside conventional animal medicine and sometimes our animals need conventional treatments.  We can employ both and have the best of both worlds.

I love all things Magical and Mystical and I believe in the Unknown. Magic is all around, even in the most mundane things, we just have to be aware and most importantly believe.  I live my life magically every day.  Words are powerful and I write all my own magic, some of which I feature here on corvine-magic.com

What I Do

“I am of the Oak, I am of the Hazel Tree,
Their energies fuse & combine in me,
A Warrior of the Earth, a Protector too,
An Advocate for the animals of me & you,
To Heal & Protect this is what I do.”

My priority is the welfare and protection of the animal whom I have been requested to help. Sometimes the source of what is affecting them can come from their environment – their home, habitat, another member of the household (human or animal). In a situation like this I will clear the energy from the source after the appropriate discussions have taken place and permissions received.

I don’t do healing for people unless it’s in someway connected to their pet’s healing. I do though happily and freely share my magic in order others may use it to empower and heal themselves.

Contact Me

If you feel I can help you with anything or you’d like to discuss your pet(s) needs please email me, Corvine, at [email protected] or use my contact form.  I will be happy to hear from you.


 Believing in the Unknown

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