What does buzzard mean to you?

I’ve had Buzzard as a very strong presence lately.  Now I’ve worked with Buzzard before when I worked with Cindy, a beautiful cat soul that I helped in life and again in death.  Buzzard was with Cindy as she prepared to pass and afterwards ensuring she got to the Rainbow Bridge safely.  

Ever wondered about the Rainbow Bridge? This is a beautiful article.


Now these past few weeks Buzzard has been here physically and spiritually.  I was out walking and felt something directly above my my head.  When I looked up Buzzard was there, hovering low.  Immediately came to mind was a Buzzard Shaman stick that I’d seen and I felt this was the nudge to go ahead. As I thought this Buzzard flew from above my head but was still around.


The following day I received a request to help a baby Blue Tit that had tragically died after being hit by a car. I helped baby Blue Tit pass over and felt this is why Buzzard had been directly over my head, letting me know she was there and to get ready to work with her. Buzzard is goddess energy, death and rebirth.  

I was out walking again and Buzzard appeared again but off to my right and didn’t come any closer. Immediately I felt uneasy and knew she was there to warn me of something. Now my little cat Betty suddenly wasn’t well, she’d been sick and wouldn’t eat. By the evening she was no better and very lethargic. I felt this sense of urgency and my encounter with Buzzard was on my mind. I phoned the vets and  took her there immediately. She was dehydrated and was kept in. The next morning the vet called with the news she needed an emergency operation for an intussusception.  This is when the intestine folds in on its self,  which if left untreated is fatal. Thankfully the operation went well and she is recovering.

Seeing Buzzard earlier in the day alerted me and if I hadn’t acted when I did then Betty wouldn’t be here with me today.  Buzzard, I thank you.

For me Buzzard is about death and near death experiences.  Certainly for Betty it’s been a rebirth. I feel she’s going to be healthier and happier in many ways. I know any future passings Buzzard is going to be there to help.

What does Buzzard mean to you, what encounters have you had?