Sea Witch

I wrote this in the midst of chaos, to help me see my way forward.

Sea Witch I call upon thee,
With your Power, Magick and Sea Energy,
Come lift me up, carry me out to where you be,
Safe and secure in the midst of the Stormy sea.

Soothe my emotions, let them be clear and true,
All that is not mine let them flow through,
My authentic self is all I have left,
Have I now completed the test?

Sea Witch please guide me,
Through the sea, what do I do?
How do I use this knowledge to go forward and through?
For me, what is right and true?

Right now I feel sad and alone,
I have no one to call my own,
Viewed with suspicion and cast out,
Why does nobody love me I shout?

Am I cursed to be alone?
Never to love one of my own,
What is my purpose here to be?
One of isolation or company.

Sea Witch please help me see,
What do I do to stay safe and sane?
In this mad world of Muggles and mundane,
Oh just to be me again.



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