Wise Woman of the Elder Tree

Elder Flower

If you are in need of Healing, Magick or Wisdom try connecting with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree. Seek out an Elder tree, sit by it and ask permission to connect with it, then recite the “Wise Woman of the Elder Tree” magick. Sit quietly and see what comes to mind.

I connected with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree through the Spirit of Elder wand, beautifully crafted by George at GreenwoodEnchantment (Etsy).

Spirit of Elder
photo & wand by GreenwoodEnchantment

Wise Woman of the Elder Tree

“Give respect to the Elder Tree,
For inside, the Wise Woman she be,
Her ancient wisdom of the Earth,
The cycles of nature, birth & death.

Wise Woman of the Elder protect me,
Combine with my energies, together we be,
Under my Enchanted Blanket of Green,
We carry out our work, silently and unseen.

Staring out at the world, for all to see,
Everyone rushing by, too busy they be,
Medicine and Magick all around,
Rooted in nature, growing up from the ground.

This is the Wisdom of the Elder Tree,
There for the likes of you and me,
Blessed Be.”



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