Key Magic

I love using symbols in my magic and I’m especially drawn to keys. Keys to me are powerful, magical and protective.  They can unlock doors to other realms, new pathways and close and lock the doors to all that we have dealt with and want to move on from.

How to Use Keys for Magic

If you don’t have any old keys they can be bought very cheaply off eBay.  Once you have your keys cleanse them and bless them.   I do this by holding them in the smoke of burning incense to cleanse them and then hold them above the flame of a light coloured candle to infuse them with Light.  Whilst you do this you can call upon your Guides to help you cleanse them and bless them.

What is it you wish to unlock? It could be “Health”, “Abundance”, “Independence” or there may be something you wish to lock the door on.  The possibilities are endless, do what is right for you.

Set your intention and write on a label that which you wish to unlock or lock.  Tie the label to your newly cleansed and blessed key.  The key can be used in conjunction with crystals or tarot / oracle cards or whatever you feel drawn too.  This helps clear and heal any obstacles that may be in your path.  I placed my keys on tarot cards and left them in my sacred place where they wouldn’t be disturbed. Leave them for as long as you feel necessary and be open to messages, they can come from unexpected sources!  Believe and watch the magic unfold.


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