Mirror Gazing

After getting a nudge from Spirit last night I decided to do some Mirror Gazing this morning.  This is where you sit and gaze at your reflection in the mirror.  It’s amazing what you can see and the insights you receive.

Like a meditation it’s best to do it when you’re not going to be disturbed and I find low lighting is best.

My experience this morning was deep and intense, a journey rather than a meditation.  The mirror was vibrating intensely and I could see my eyes changing.  One was nearly shutting, the other wide and fixed, as if it was “blind”.

I ended up closing my eyes, I couldn’t keep them open.  The intensity of the journey was immense.  I could feel myself travelling deep within, when I heard:

“I killed him and everyone turned a blind eye”

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Betty Update

I feel it’s time to update you all on Betty’s progress.  I found a wonderful new vet, one that was happy to listen and discuss my concerns for Betty.

I took Betty along for an introduction and check up.  Graeme the vet was fantastic.  We discussed her dental work, her congestion issues, her closed eyelid and my concerns over any surgery.  I mentioned any discharge from Betty’s nose only seems to be from the left nostril, the same side of her closed eye lid.  He doesn’t feel this is caused by a virus because the whole nose would be affected not just one nostril.  He also explained why cats teeth and gums are so difficult to keep free from plaque.  The domesticated diet they have isn’t ideal and all the products to help have a minimal effect.

The plan of action was to go ahead and book Betty in for her dental work and whilst under the anaesthetic take an X-ray of Betty’s chest and nose to see if there’s was anything untoward going on and to get more information should it be required for future.  Graeme was also going to have a closer look at her closed eye to ascertain if there was a full sized eye or perhaps an eye that wasn’t fully formed. Nothing intrusive was going to be performed on her eye / eyelid.  I felt this was important as she hasn’t had any problems with it and opening it up could cause an infection.  We agreed on an ultrasound.

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Chicken Soup / Healing

This is a recipe for Chicken Soup from Kenwood that I make frequently.  I find it to be very healing on many levels, physically, energetically and so good for the Soul.

Apart from eating the soup you can use it energetically, try asking your guides to send the chicken soup to you, or to your Soul.  It can also be sent energetically to pets (do not feed it to them) and property.  Always check first though that they are accepting of it and it’s not too much for them. If you, your pets or property’s energies are particularly sensitive it might be better to ask your guides to “pulse” it.

I ask for any food I’m preparing and cooking to be filled with Love, Healing & Magic and give thanks to all that has sacrificed itself in order to nourish me.

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