Sea Witch

I wrote this in the midst of chaos, to help me see my way forward.

Sea Witch I call upon thee,
With your Power, Magick and Sea Energy,
Come lift me up, carry me out to where you be,
Safe and secure in the midst of the Stormy sea.

Soothe my emotions, let them be clear and true,
All that is not mine let them flow through,
My authentic self is all I have left,
Have I now completed the test?

Sea Witch please guide me,
Through the sea, what do I do?
How do I use this knowledge to go forward and through?
For me, what is right and true?

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Wise Woman of the Elder Tree

Elder Flower

If you are in need of Healing, Magick or Wisdom try connecting with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree. Seek out an Elder tree, sit by it and ask permission to connect with it, then recite the “Wise Woman of the Elder Tree” magick. Sit quietly and see what comes to mind.

I connected with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree through the Spirit of Elder wand, beautifully crafted by George at GreenwoodEnchantment (Etsy).

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Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand

If like me you are very sensitive to other peoples’ energies / emotions then use this to help shield yourself. It’s good to strengthen yourself so you’re not affected by these external energies but sometimes we need shielding whilst we figure things out.

Meditate on the picture, write out the Magick or print both out and place under your pillow. There are many ways you can use it, these are just my suggestions.

Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand

“Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand,
I cast your Magick deep into the pond,
Shining your bright Solar energies,
Banishing the Shadows all around me.

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The Apple Tree Imp & The Unicorn

I’ve been working with Apple Energy (apple tree / apple wood) lately and also Unicorn Energy. The two combine very well as Unicorns love apple trees. Both apples and Unicorns are excellent at removing poisons and toxins. The energy from the horn of the Unicorn is very pure and the pectin from apples can help to remove toxins from the body.

My Apple Tree Imp from Calluna Moss and my Unicorn Stone from Earth Art Alchemy Store, both on Etsy, wanted to come together and combine their Magick. This is what they told me.

The Apple Tree Imp & The Unicorn

“I am the Imp of the Apple Tree,
I am here with the Unicorn to help all of thee,
Together our Magicks combine & remove,
All negativity and toxicity too.

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